Month: January 2021

The 8 Best Time-Saving Job Search Apps

Mobile applications are countless these days. And for every practical, fun, or intuitive application, there is one that is none of the above. Whether it’s keeping up with your fitness or ordering food, it’s wise to take the time to evaluate apps before downloading them. Job search apps are a good example of a mobile

Eight common interview questions and answers

Many people come to an interview believing that they can easily answer user questions. But once under pressure, they search for their words and formulate inconsistent answers. It is much more helpful to get a feel for the most common interview questions and answers ahead of time. The coveted position will give you some clues

How to survive working from home when your kids are around

You may be a telecommuter, independent contractor, or freelance writer with a home office. Perhaps your employer is experimenting with work at the home benefit on Fridays. Or maybe you don’t usually work from home, but the dishwasher is broken and you’ve been given an 8-hour window for someone to come and fix it. There

Statistics Canada November labor force snapshot: Unemployment drops slightly to 8.5%

According to a report from The November Labor Force Survey of Statistics Canada, employment increased by 62,100 (+0, 3%) in November, after rising 0.5% in October, while the unemployment rate was 8.5%. This month’s report reflects the fact that a large number of provinces have started to impose targeted public health measures in response to

The art of remotely recruiting teleworkers

How does the recruitment process look when many companies are assigning their staff to telecommute to comply with the containment measures in force? Are the criteria for hiring employees who work remotely different from those who work locally? And how can managers welcome new hires when everyone is confined to home? Here is a short

Six job seeker goals for the new year

Sleep better. Start a new workout routine. Practice mindfulness. By making resolutions to improve your life, you might also be setting career goals, such as exploring the job market. That said, you can’t just wish for a more rewarding career; you have to work to get it. To help you find a position that matches